Our preferred file format is Adobe Illustrator.


If you must use another vector based software application, please export a CMYK, high resolution PDF file.


Please do not set type or layout your label in Adobe InDesign, or other page layout based programs. Instead, set type and compose your artwork in Adobe Illustrator. (When labels are created in InDesign, exporting the files can create issues with slicing the artwork, gradients, drop shadows, images, and colors.)


If you set type in Adobe Photoshop, please have it on a separate layer.


If you use Adobe Photoshop for the background images, the files must be in CMYK format and at least 300dpi. Whenever possible, please keep all original layers intact.


JPG files must be in CMYK format and at least 300dpi. PNG and GIF files cannot be used to produce quality labels (this includes low res or web .jpg files).


Be sure to send linked images with your label file.


Either convert ALL text to outlines (make sure to proofread carefully) or send the fonts used.


There may be additional charges if your file requires significant modifications. Design services also available for an additional fee.


A PDF proof will be created for approval before production. This will be the file that your labels are produced from, so please check to make sure all fonts and images are loaded correctly.



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